Changes to the Forum


If you have not been to the forum in a while, chances are you were avoiding it like the plague due to the influx of spam…well, that’s a good excuse if you’ve forgotten that it exists ^_^

I have been trying to keep it clean as I possibly could to make the experience more enjoyable for you when reading. But lately, it has gotten much worse with the amount of spam that has been posted. So, I changed all the user settings and locked down boards to reduce/prevent spam from infiltrating the actual boards people want to read. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner…maybe I was trying to be too nice.

If you have posted at least once on the forum, you will notice that your account is now a “Forum Member”. Your forum experience should be unchanged.

If you have been a (legitimate) registered user on the site, but you have never posted anything, I’m sorry, but, your account has been deleted. With over 2000 “registered users”, it was hard to distinguish between actual readers and spam, so, I deleted everyone. Please feel free to register again, and even ask to be promoted to a Forum Member…even if you do not plan to make posts.

Please visit the forum for more information.

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