I’m still around…


…Just extremely busy with classes and wedding stuff! LoL, this is my “OMG, so sorry I haven’t posted anything yet!” post just to apologize to those who were wondering when the next article would be ^_^

My focus for the next couple of articles is professional wear. I’ve been meaning to add more types of professions, and revamp some of the articles already published(not my alchemy one ^_^). So, we should start to see those pop up in the near future.

March 20th is also the first day of spring (technically), and it will be time for a new “4 Season” article. Yea!

And then, hopefully, I can get back to adding more “Top of the Class” outfits….I just kinda left those when I got caught up with all the in-game world events since September.

Anyway, there will be more to look at on this site soon. In the mean time, there’s always the wonderful Kirina’s Closet Forum!

~ Kirina

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