Feb 18 2010

Lunar Festival Finery


Yea! My Lunar Festival article is finally up!

And only one more holiday – Noblegarden – to go for the holiday article section to be complete! Good thing I have a month or so before that happens so I can at least have the article out before the event starts ^_^.


Feb 8 2010

My Funny Valentine


Finally, the “Love is in the Air” outfits are here! I also added some bonus “anti-Valentine’s Day” outfits at the end of the article…just to accommodate everyone ^_^.

My apologies to everyone, too! I, again, under-estimated my time, and couldn’t get to finishing this article in time before the event started. BUT…I hope they’re worth the wait.

Have a great, and lovely, time this V-day!


Stay tuned for Valentine updates! I haven’t done the new seasonal boss, Apothecary Hummel, yet to get the new items. Aside from some really cool necklaces, he drops a gas mask, a oozling like pet, and a rose helm that is either worn behind the ear on ladies or between the teeth on guys! See everything you need to know at Wowhead’s guide.

Jan 26 2010

White Wedding Update


All the wedding articles are now live. I hope everyone enjoys them! ^_^

Go to the White Wedding Page

Jan 22 2010

It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding


Actually, it might be a couple of days before all the content I have for this specialty outfit collection is up on the site. I’ve been having some connectivity issues at home – where I do most of my work at – and have only had internet opportunities at work, or on campus (or at Waddell’s ^_^) to try and write from.

All the wedding outfits together would have been a very long article, so, I split them up into their respective pages. I aimed for the whole premise of this collection to be like a “wedding album”, and ended up with a lot of screen shots! Currently, only 2 articles are up (although all are shown for enticement ^.^), but please check back soon for the others. By Monday, all should be up (hopefully).

I hope you enjoy what I have so far. If you have an up-coming in-game wedding and/or have had one and have screenshots of the event, you are welcome to post them on the forum! Everyone would enjoy it. Who doesn’t like looking at wedding pictures? ^_^


Jan 14 2010

Casual Kilt Returns!


The Simple Kilt is back…hopefully it’s even better than the first article ^_^