Love is in the Air

Romantic picnics, chocolates galore, and Cupid causing unsuspecting bystanders to fall in love with one another. Something must be in the air!…I’m thinking it might be love. ^_^

2010 brought changes to this otherwise “peaceful” world event – that is, it’s not just be about wearing perfume or cologne, and handing out Love Tokens to our favorite NPCs in exchange for Gifts of Adoration or Friendship.

Whatever changes/additions happened for this holiday, your Lovely style does not have to change. There are many different styles and colors of fancy and flirty armor pieces to make your character’s own unique holiday outfit(s). For Kirina (and Merlaina), I stayed primarily in the color ranges of red, pink, and purple, as these are that are traditionally associated with this holiday in real life.

Do not like Valentine’s Day…in fact, could one go so far as to say you hate Valentine’s Day and anything romantic? Jump down to the Anti-Love section of this article to find some outfits just for you!

The traditional Love is in the Air wear are the Lovely Dresses and the Dinner Suits. And, while these are very nice to wear during the event, they also come in handy for other times of the year (as you can see from many of my other articles).

The Lovely Dresses and the Dinner Suits were a reward from the Bubbling Cauldron quest during past Love is in the Air events. After patch 3.3 and the changes to this event, these dresses and suits are no longer soul-bound and can be obtained from the holiday vendor items: Lovely Dress Box (including the Lovely Black Dress) or the Dinner Suit Box.
Speaking of the Lovely Black Dress

Kirina ran around in this ensemble last year when /Flirting for Gifts of Adoration. As you can tell from the picture, it is usually appreciated. ^_^

“Come on! Really!? I’m HOT!…../Cry”
    However, even being drop-dead sexy…sometimes, it’s all about personality too. I guess Jeremiah Payson knew that Kirina was just flirting with him for the achievement, and thus, completely rejected her.

So, for the ones that just want to be their own flirty and casual self, there are robes like the Buccaneer’s Robe to wear:

This style is similar to the Journeyman’s Robe, but in a pleasant red shade perfect for the Love event. The Bard’s Boots are a nice shade of boots to blend in with the skirt.

The Buccaneer’s Robe looks great with the Lavender Mageweave Shirt, as well.

The High Councillor’s Sash connects the purple from the shirt, as well as contrasting beautifully with the red skirt of the robe.

Mixing red, pink, and purple shades reminds me of Valentine’s Day cupcakes ^_^ This outfit looks good enough to eat, and is still as eye catching as the Lovely Dresses.

Some other robes to wear during this event include robes like the Robe of Evocation:

The Robe of Evocation is a common drop from Jergosh the Invoker from Ragefire Chasm; however, it is an exact match to more common robes, like the Orc and Forsaken warlock’s starter robe, the Acolyte’s Robe. This robe can be worn with a variety of different red and/or black shirts, or by itself. The sexy cut of the dress, and the contrasting red and black designs, are sure to get you noticed.

Another robe is the Red Linen Robe – simple and classic.

Low level tailors can make this robe for themselves and their friends; it require minimum materials, and are still very stylish.

And, for even simpler requirements, the Acolyte’s Robe, the starter robe worn by Human and Gnome warlocks (and can be bought from Thomas Yance), is a lovely wine color that will be unique to this holiday.

Guys (and gals) if it’s worth your time, farming the Sawbones Shirt from Scholomance will yield a very unique shirt in the same berry wine color of this robe – perfect to wear with the Black Tuxedo Pants.

And while on topic with the Black Tuxedo Pants, many lovely trouser-wear outfits can be made to play around in, as well.

I like the look of the Gossamer Belt with the Stylish Red Shirt, as the belt continues the gold pattern from the sleeves to around the waist.

This style also looks great with red pants, as well – just by changing a couple of accessories.

Another great looking Black Tuxedo Pants outfit also just uses a shirt, and is a little bit more casual:

“What?! Kirina isn’t using her Captain Sander’s Sash to exhaustion?” ^_^ I like mixing it up. While the Captain Sander’s Sash would also look great with this outfit, I choose the Burnt Leather Belt for its less silky appearance; it still does the job being the same bright red color.

Again, the same type of outfit, only with red pants. The Burnt Leather Belt blends in better with the Crimson Silk Pantaloons than the Captain Sander’s Sash would; although, the latter sash is style a great alternative. The pink shirt off-sets the bright redness of the lower portion of the outfit.

Something a little different for this holiday that I still fits the theme uses more earth tones in the outfit:

While any brown hat will do, I felt the style of the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat complimented the outfit well. The predominately gold and dusty colors are off-set by the red vest, as if the wearer through it on over a usual, everyday outfit to be a part of the festivities.

For a “cupcake look” with pants, try:

On male characters, this vest goes all the way down to the waist – instead of a white shirt, you guys could wear the Lavender or the Pink Mageweave Shirts (or anything else). However, wearing longer shirts with this vest on ladies…to me, looks tacky. The vest is shorter, and I feel it needs a shorter shirt to go along with it. These are the times when I wish there was a “Pink Swashbuckler’s Shirt” in game. /Sigh. Oh well…

Anyway, back to the Black Tuxedo Pants ^_^ .

If your character can wear plate armor, the Bloodscale Belt is a great belt to wear during this event – the design looks like a little pink heart! ^_^ Thanks to Kamalia for sending this belt to Merlaina.

In fact, the whole Bloodscale Plate Set would look great on both guys and gals. Merlaina only has the chestpiece and the belt of this lovely pink set, but those pieces look great with others, as well.

The Bloodscale Legguards on females is very…risque. The Black Tuxedo Pants still allow this outfit to be sexy, but not too showy.

However, if showy is what you want, another great pair of of plate leggings are the Revenant Leggings.

This lovely purple and pink mix is great for Valentine’s Day wear. The style of the Revenant Leggings can be found in other pants, like the Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates (as seen in Kamalia’s “Purdy Purple Plate” article on the forum.

For a more simpler version, just wear a pink shirt:

The Wizard’s Belt, even though cloth, is “chunkier” and blends in better with the plate pants more so than the High Councillor’s Sash
would (although, that sash is also a great alternative).

I’ll end this section with some Simple Kilt outfits that correlate to the full outfits made for this Valentine’s event. Simple and cute! ^_^

I don’t think I made an outfit with the Scarlet Filigreed Doublet, but the blue hints in the cuffs of the shirt match the blue of the skirt. This outfit would looks great with or without the vest, too.

Another Scarlet Filigreed Doublet alternative ^_^ . And, I must have been somewhat blind when I put this outfit together. While the Engraved Girdle is a delicate, rose gold belt that is a perfect compliment to any outfit, you can see the kilt’s brown belt underneath it /Facepalm. Oh well, LoL.

The event changes in 2010 brought a lot of new items that drop from the holiday boss, Apothecary Hummel; one of these items is the Forever-Lovely Rose:

The rose, when worn on female characters, appears behind her ear; on guy characters, he wears the rose in between his teeth…very romantic! If you are unlucky on drops, or are not a high enough level character to fight the event boss, the vendor-bought Lovely Rose can be used, but only for a limited amount of time.

Anti-Love Outfits

Before I was with Waddell in real life, I loathed Valentine’s Day. Everything and everyone appeared so happy, and I knew no one was ever going to take me out to dinner and shower me with roses. Luckily, that all has changed for me (^_^), but for all those out there that can’t get into the “lovey dovey” spirit, these outfits are for you.

Of course, the goal of these outfits is to be as dark as possible without excluding some Valentine colors (because you know you still want to be apart of everything ^_^). There are plenty of items in game to get this type of look…this is just what I had available for my characters.

“I don’t need a man!”

The Ebon Filigreed Doublet brings out the dark red accents of the Chief Brigadier armor pieces.

The Ironhide Breastplate is a longer alternative in the same color scheme. It pairs nicely with the Black Tuxedo Pants.

/Sob. “I DO need a man!”
    A more open picture of the same outfit.

Still want to wear the Lovely Black Dress? You can make it fit your anti-love mood:

A Bouquet of Black Roses, or a Bouquet of Ebon Roses, is a must have for these type of outfits.

Some simpeler anti-Valentine’s Day outfits use our old friend, the Black Tuxedo Pants

Captain Sanders’ Sash brings out the silkiness of the shirt in this outfit, as opposed to the effect of the previously used Burnt Leather Belt.

So, whether you enjoy this holiday, or you completely dispise it, there is always something for you to wear ^_^. I hope everyone has fun during this event. Don’t eat too much chocolate! Happy Love is in the Air Valentine’s Day!

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