Lunar Festival Finery


Yea! My Lunar Festival article is finally up!

And only one more holiday – Noblegarden – to go for the holiday article section to be complete! Good thing I have a month or so before that happens so I can at least have the article out before the event starts ^_^.


4 Responses to “Lunar Festival Finery”

  • Kamalia Says:

    The combo of Purple Martial Shirt and Soothsayer’s Kilt is awesome! I think I shall have to get a Martial Shirt in that color now 😛

  • Anea Says:

    Lots of options!

    I think I like the Arcanoweave Robe… not something I would have considered for this event, but now that you point them out, I definitely see the elements that match the Eastern feel of the holiday 🙂

  • Kirina Says:

    I’ll definitely try that, thanks for your suggestion! My method was almost non-existent (just swinging by Moonglade on Kirina the times she’s in Orgrimmar), so, I guess I didn’t have a real reason to cry about it ^_^ .

  • Hyacintha Says:

    You mention in the article that you are trying to get the Formal Dangui. I don’t know what method you are using, but what worked for me was to level a druid to 10, teleport to Moonglade, park by the dress vendor, and check for the dangui every time I logged into or out of the game. It only took a couple weeks to get it and only took up a few seconds of my time each session. Totally worth it!

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