Jan 26 2010

White Wedding Update


All the wedding articles are now live. I hope everyone enjoys them! ^_^

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Jan 22 2010

It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding


Actually, it might be a couple of days before all the content I have for this specialty outfit collection is up on the site. I’ve been having some connectivity issues at home – where I do most of my work at – and have only had internet opportunities at work, or on campus (or at Waddell’s ^_^) to try and write from.

All the wedding outfits together would have been a very long article, so, I split them up into their respective pages. I aimed for the whole premise of this collection to be like a “wedding album”, and ended up with a lot of screen shots! Currently, only 2 articles are up (although all are shown for enticement ^.^), but please check back soon for the others. By Monday, all should be up (hopefully).

I hope you enjoy what I have so far. If you have an up-coming in-game wedding and/or have had one and have screenshots of the event, you are welcome to post them on the forum! Everyone would enjoy it. Who doesn’t like looking at wedding pictures? ^_^