Jun 21 2010

The Midsummer Fire Festival is Back!


Today, embrace the first day of summer, and have fun at the Midsummer Fire Festival – which also started today! Want something to wear? Check out Kirina’s Closet’s Midsummer Fire Festival Article…which was also the first holiday article AND the first article, period, for this site!. /Sigh…where does the time go? ^_^ Hope you enjoy your bit of nostalgia!

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Apr 5 2010

Happy Noblegarden!


The Noblegarden event ends on April 11th. Hopefully, that gives you plenty of time to enjoy the festivities in an outfit inspired, hopefully, by Kirina’s.


On a more personal note: I have been sick the past week with a wicked stomach virus -the result of which has been no energy and…unpleasant…bathroom experiences. (Yea! we totally needed to know that, Kirina!…) ^_^ In any case, I’m doing much better now, and will hopefully get the Spring article out soon, but I have a lot of class work to catch up on for the classes I missed during my illness, so, we’ll see.

Mar 17 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.
~ An Irish toast

The title says it all, and please enjoy the little random holiday outfit article that goes along with it ^_^


Feb 18 2010

Lunar Festival Finery


Yea! My Lunar Festival article is finally up!

And only one more holiday – Noblegarden – to go for the holiday article section to be complete! Good thing I have a month or so before that happens so I can at least have the article out before the event starts ^_^.


Feb 8 2010

My Funny Valentine


Finally, the “Love is in the Air” outfits are here! I also added some bonus “anti-Valentine’s Day” outfits at the end of the article…just to accommodate everyone ^_^.

My apologies to everyone, too! I, again, under-estimated my time, and couldn’t get to finishing this article in time before the event started. BUT…I hope they’re worth the wait.

Have a great, and lovely, time this V-day!


Stay tuned for Valentine updates! I haven’t done the new seasonal boss, Apothecary Hummel, yet to get the new items. Aside from some really cool necklaces, he drops a gas mask, a oozling like pet, and a rose helm that is either worn behind the ear on ladies or between the teeth on guys! See everything you need to know at Wowhead’s guide.