Feb 3 2010

Update(s) from Kirina


/sigh. I’ve been having NO time to dedicate to this site as much as I would want to lately. Between wedding planning and major school related projects/tests, I’ll get home around 7:30 p.m with absolutely no energy left to do anything. I’m sorry!!

I am working on the Love is in the Air article, and it should be out by the end of this week (yea!)…the world event itself starts this Sunday, the 7th (Superbowl Sunday >:-| ). And, from browsing around Wowhead.com, and other sources like WoW.com, it looks as though Blizzard is completely changing the event. This is already evident in the fact that they made the Lovely Dresses and Suits, obtained from the Bubbling Cauldron quest, non-BOE in a recent patch. Whether or not they get rid of the original quests for this event, I don’t know, but they did add new dailys, charm bracelets, even lovely vendors! I also read somewhere that they’re adding a new boss to it, too (don’t take my word on that ^_^).

I don’t know how I feel about this change, and if the original “give a love token to an NPC for a present” is still going to be apart of the event (I appreciated its simplicity). While I enjoy new additions, especially possibly new clothing and other specialty items, does every world event need a boss to kill with “epic” rewards? Midsummer Fire Festival and the Lunar Festival has some lore to their bosses, and killing Coren Direbrew during Brewfest is always fun…it just seems like every time Blizzard changes a world event, they just throw in a dungeon. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out what’s all in store for this year ^_^.

Whew! I’m long winded today!

I also wanted to direct everyone to our forums. If you haven’t stopped by there in a while, there are tons of new stuff to look at! Kamalia updated her Dress Catalog and added some new outfits of her own, and a new memeber, Bleshy, post some great Blood Elf outfits. Check them all out!

Jan 19 2010

New stuff to check out!


First and foremost, Cogspinner, who brought all of us a different take on the Stormwind City Guard, started his on blog dedicated to WoW RP costumes and fashion. It looks to be a promising site, and I encourage everyone to check it out ^_^ : The Fashionable Gnome’s Guide to Fashion.

Ahhh, and the forum is just full of wonderful new posts. Check that out too! Kamalia added some new lovely Tauren ceremonial outfits, and there is a Jaina Proudmoore look-alike outfit for everyone to enjoy. Join in the fun and post an outfit or two of yours, as well, while you’re there!

Jan 7 2010

Just thought I’d say, “Hi”.


/Sigh. Real-life can be so demanding these days. Aside from simultaneously working on 4 articles for this site at the same time, I’m also planning a wedding and trying to get everything squared away for one of my last major semesters in school.

So let’s see…Oh! Early this week, an article from WoW.com linked to this site for RP clothing in WoW. How cool is that?! ^_^ What I think is awesome is that coming to this site leads people to other great sites I myself have linked to (like Miss Hanuma’s site), as well as all the creativity on our forum.

Speaking of the forum, Malyndia posted a little post over looking like the pastry seller in Dalaran, Aimee. And, while on this main site we have the on-going collection of outfits for the guards of the major cities, this is a prime example of other “Home Town Hero” outfits we can include here, as well. So, if you have an outfit(s) that looks like your favorite NPC(s), by all means share it with us on the forum. ^_^

While you’re at the forum, also check out Clawmark’s post over the different combinations for Stormwind
Auctioneer’s outfits
– very useful for around the town, too!

Jan 5 2010

Stormwind City Guard Update


A new outfit variation for one of our favorite guards! See Cogspinner’s original post on the forum, and while you’re there, post up some of your own outfits as well!


Nov 17 2009

I hate the end of semesters…


Hopefully I won’t have to deal with college stuff for too much longer, as I am nearing the end of my degree. But for now, it’s still a constant battle with delegating time to this site and to my studies – especially with major exams/projects coming up.

I know, QQ!!! I’m not making excuses ^_^. I have been doing some work around the site: the Alliance guards have Alliance “models” posing in the outfits…ummm…oh! I added the Alliance shirts to the Simple Kilt: Represent article…I guess that’s about it, LoL. But, you will start to see me add more Alliance races in future articles, thanks to a little trick Waddell taught me.

Speaking of Waddell in the nicest way possible, he reviewed my shaman outfits for the next Top of the Class articles, and suggested I need to add more “shaman” like armor to them…apparently, they were too “Native American-y” and should include more mail kilts and classic shaman dungeon pieces. I can’t disagree with him, and, I’d want the RP outfits -even though they aren’t aimed to be “classic tier sets” – to still be authentic as possible. So, I’m still in the process of rounding up all that for the article. Hopefully, I’ll get some other articles out before the holidays pop up.

Pilgrim’s Bounty is just around the corner. That should be fun! I’m looking forward to seeing what these “Pilgrim’s Attire/Dress/Robe” look like. I wish WoWhead had that info already ^_^

Anyway…stop by the forum to share your ideas/outfits. I know I say that all the time, but, we’d really love to read/see what this site’s readers (if any lol) are all about.