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/sigh. I’ve been having NO time to dedicate to this site as much as I would want to lately. Between wedding planning and major school related projects/tests, I’ll get home around 7:30 p.m with absolutely no energy left to do anything. I’m sorry!!

I am working on the Love is in the Air article, and it should be out by the end of this week (yea!)…the world event itself starts this Sunday, the 7th (Superbowl Sunday >:-| ). And, from browsing around Wowhead.com, and other sources like WoW.com, it looks as though Blizzard is completely changing the event. This is already evident in the fact that they made the Lovely Dresses and Suits, obtained from the Bubbling Cauldron quest, non-BOE in a recent patch. Whether or not they get rid of the original quests for this event, I don’t know, but they did add new dailys, charm bracelets, even lovely vendors! I also read somewhere that they’re adding a new boss to it, too (don’t take my word on that ^_^).

I don’t know how I feel about this change, and if the original “give a love token to an NPC for a present” is still going to be apart of the event (I appreciated its simplicity). While I enjoy new additions, especially possibly new clothing and other specialty items, does every world event need a boss to kill with “epic” rewards? Midsummer Fire Festival and the Lunar Festival has some lore to their bosses, and killing Coren Direbrew during Brewfest is always fun…it just seems like every time Blizzard changes a world event, they just throw in a dungeon. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out what’s all in store for this year ^_^.

Whew! I’m long winded today!

I also wanted to direct everyone to our forums. If you haven’t stopped by there in a while, there are tons of new stuff to look at! Kamalia updated her Dress Catalog and added some new outfits of her own, and a new memeber, Bleshy, post some great Blood Elf outfits. Check them all out!

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  • Kirina Says:

    Congratulations! Please post us some pictures of your wedding on the forum. I would love to see it! ^_^

    If you didn’t see it, I listed some wedding locations for the different themes in my wedding outfit article(s). Because you’re having your wedding during the event, I would say to stay in your and your’s favorite major city (Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, or the red and gold aura of Silvermoon City, for examples). That way, the beautiful Valentine decorations could be apart of your wedding too ^_^. I’m also fond of the cathedral in Scarlet Monastery; once you kill the surrounding mobs, it makes a peaceful, and private, setting for your special day. Hope this helps!

  • Zyphra Says:

    Can’t wait for the article! In-game wedding is gonna be during Love Is In The Air… 😀 If you’d like you could “accidentally stop by”. I STILL haven’t decided on a location yet – it’S in 7 days! Can you help me?

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