When the Argent Tournament hit the realms, a souvenir vendor, Broxel Goldgrasp, began to capitalize on players growing respect and pride for their home cities by selling shirts with each cities…logo…printed on it. Please note that although both factions can buy each others shirts, they can wear only the shirts that represent their faction. And, because they are shirts, lower level players can wear them as well, should they be able to obtain them by some means.

In any case, the Simple Kilt is a great way to show off these shirts, as it is one of the plainest skirts available in-game. And yes, these shirts go great with any type of pants as well, but, /sigh…Kirina’s tired of wearing pants ^_^ .

In the Orgrimmar and the Sen’jin outfits, I also have a black leather Ruffian Belt equipped to blend the skirt with the tops (well, maybe not so much for the Sen’jin one ^.^) For the Silvermoon outfit, I chose to equip Kirina’s Captain Sander’s Sash just for some added flair – it brings out the red in the shirt and also blends the chest into the skirt.

So, I took it upon myself to advance an Alliance character to level 10 in order for her to wear the Simple Kilt and show the Alliance doublets in this article. Yea!

I did not have much to work with being that this character’s level is quite low – all the outfits just use the Knitted Belt as their only accessory. In a general sense, it goes well with all the shirts; however, all the shirts can have a corresponding belt of to meet one’s desired taste. For example, the Ironforge Doublet will look great with the Burnt Leather Belt, as they are both bright red.

As seen in my Midsummer Article, the Simple Kilt can be worn with tabards as well. When layered correctly with shirts and/or other chest pieces, tabards can create unique-looking tops that are sure to get some double-takes. There are Horde and Alliance tabards available through the Argent Tournament, and plenty of faction, PvP, achievements, and WoWTCG ones as well. Tabards may be harder for lower level players to come by, but, even matching up a leisure outfit with your guild’s tabard will work just fine as well ^_^

On the forum are some other ways to “represent” your favorite city – a couple of readers submitted their own “ceremonial” outfits that use the Thunder Bluff Doublet. Don’t be shy, add your outfit too!

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