Just thought I’d say, “Hi”.


/Sigh. Real-life can be so demanding these days. Aside from simultaneously working on 4 articles for this site at the same time, I’m also planning a wedding and trying to get everything squared away for one of my last major semesters in school.

So let’s see…Oh! Early this week, an article from WoW.com linked to this site for RP clothing in WoW. How cool is that?! ^_^ What I think is awesome is that coming to this site leads people to other great sites I myself have linked to (like Miss Hanuma’s site), as well as all the creativity on our forum.

Speaking of the forum, Malyndia posted a little post over looking like the pastry seller in Dalaran, Aimee. And, while on this main site we have the on-going collection of outfits for the guards of the major cities, this is a prime example of other “Home Town Hero” outfits we can include here, as well. So, if you have an outfit(s) that looks like your favorite NPC(s), by all means share it with us on the forum. ^_^

While you’re at the forum, also check out Clawmark’s post over the different combinations for Stormwind
Auctioneer’s outfits
– very useful for around the town, too!

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