Dating Outfits


Look your best for that special date!


2 Responses to “Dating Outfits”

  • Kirina Says:

    /Cries. Those were all I had!
    /Agrees. It is too broad. General everyday outfits, as well, will also be a broad topic. This article is one of those deals were it’s like “this is mine…what’s yours?” Where the “yours” would have to be showcased on the forums for right now, should anyone be inclined to show.
    I do appreciate your opinion, however. I can’t be perfect all the time ^.^

  • Maira Says:

    Laaaaaaate! moos the Shame Cow.
    The Shame Cow shames Kirina.
    The Shame Cow moo-ves on.
    The Shame Cow has other people to shame.
    ‘s okay. Not fantastic in my opinion- you picked too broad of a topic to do it well. You could have gone better with date dresses and date outfits for men, in my opinion.

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