Long time, no post…


But not anymore! I’m finally back!

…Though, I was never really gone from this site. I have just been dedicating more time to Cata and holiday knitting (which still isn’t done 🙁 ) …I always stack my plate full and think I can finish all of it in a week, but, whatever, that’s not what you’re here for ^_^

If you have not already experience it, I added a new feature to all the pictures in the articles. Once click on a picture, you can scroll through all the pictures on that page. I think it’s pretty neat, and works great for browsing through the Hallow’s End Costume Contest entries.

I also went back and updated the Fishing, Cooking, and Workman articles with new items from Cataclsym quests.

And I just added a new article under the Spirit of Azeroth collection: Dalaran City Outfits!

Cataclysm has really thrown me for a loop, and it will take some time to go through what items are still in-game, and those that have been changed/deleted. Last month, I was going through Merlaina’s gear saved in her bank, and noticed some of my favorite pieces that I went back to get for her, have thus changed since the expansion. Items like, the once unique purple “swashbuckler shirt-like” Mordant’s Travel Tunic (now a typical Cataclysm style tunic), and the once purple floppy hat, the Wanderer’s Cover (now a…head-brace…of sorts), have been changed forever, along with most of the starting levels quest rewards for all races. They even changed the look of the Raptorhide Legguards, the most coveted pants for a Ironforge Mountaineer outfit….gone.

/Sad sigh.

I do not understand why they would go and change such classics. I just deleted those Cata-merized items from Merlaina’s inventory. What is the point of keeping them now? They are not anything special.

And, I really do not know this for sure (if you do, please let me know), but I fear the classic dungeon gear (Tier 0) is gone from the game, as well (which kills any classic class RP outfits…because those armor pieces were not class specific). I know that the dungeon boss in Stratholme that dropped all the leg armor from each of these classic sets, Baron Rivendare, has been removed and replaced with Lord Aurius Rivendare. This new NPC has the same loot table, except for all the leg armor. So, why would they remove just the leg armor from these sets?…the other pieces are still listed on Wowhead as random drops from whatever dungeons. But then, I read at some places that say the entire sets have been removed…so why are the dungeons still there; I mean, what would be the point in running them? In my opinion, there is no real incentive to go back to them. I used pieces from some of these sets in my new Dalaran City Outfits article, so, just a heads up…if you see something you like, you may not be able to get quite that look and will have to use alternatives to those Tier 0 pieces that were used 🙁 .

I apologize for this soap box, but, I hope I’m not the only one that feels a little let down by the game changes. While I enjoy most of the new items that have been added, there really isn’t anything left to old on to from the classic WoW, is there. Burning Crusade is the new Vanilla! ^_^

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  • Kirina Says:

    @Falynn: Unfortunately, I could only find one other cloth leggings in this style and color – the “Legs of Ringing Echoes” – which is also a Cata quest reward from Deepholm. The closest leggings as far as drop/crafted is concerned are the “Deathsilk Leggings”

    You could also go the other route with the “Master Builder’s Shirt” with leggings like the “Spiritmend Leggings”…I find that the cloth sash of the pants picks up on the lighter blue/gray accents on the shirt, and, with a dark belt, will look just as nice ^_^

  • Falynn Says:

    I had a question about those leggings you’re wearing with the Sawbones Shirt. Unfortunately my main has long since done the quest that rewards them (and vendored whatever she took from it, I’m sure). Most of the other Cata-level green legs have the same look, but not the same color, and I really love the tunic-style appearance that they give when paired with the shirt.
    Do you know of any others that have the same coloration?
    [PS, both the boyfriend and I love the blog 🙂 ]

  • Kirina Says:

    @ Zuli: The tunic is actually a shirt, the Sawbones Shirt (drops from Doctor Krastinov out of Scholomance). I farmed for it and the Master Builder’s Shirt (same style, only a dusty black color…drops from Fineous Darkvire out of Blackrock Depths) just before Cata. As far as I know, they are still in-game if that’s something you wish to pursue.

    It does match the “Earthinating Peasant Leggings” beautifully and looks like it tucks under the belt. This style of pants, though, is everywhere in Cata cloth gear, lowbie and high level, and in many different colors, too.

  • Zuli Says:

    Love your blog! Your sense of style is fabulous– the tunic from the post though- I can’t find. Something new? Cata lowbie gear?

  • Kirina Says:

    @ Kam: Yeah, most of the “short pants” obtainable through low-level questing has been changed/omitted. I wanted to get the Lucky Trousers (dusty red equivalent of the Rancher’s Trousers) for something unique, but, the quest was removed.

    @ Caster: LoL, no, it does not make you a bad person ^_^. You worked hard to get those, and, you should fill proud that you have the whole set. /Envy ^_*

    @Lusty: I’m sorry, I feel your pain. And if you are referring to the Mechbuilder’s Overalls, yes, they do still drop out of Gnomeregan.

  • Lusty Says:

    Wow. I had no idea that tier-0 set was gone. I had thoughts about upgrading to do the chains- if it was offered, and then perhaps just picking up the 2 pieces again. No wonder I haven’t seen them. I believe I still see Tier 1 dropping from MC /shiefty eyes. I have not tracked my outfits with screenshots, but my closet is full.

    .. just.. wow..
    I wonder if the green engineer overalls still drop = /

  • Caster DPS Says:

    My one really serious goal before Cataclysm dropped was to complete my set of Magister’s Regalia. I wouldn’t like to tell you how many times I went through UBRS to get the last piece, but it’s certainly worth it, especially now. And while I, like you, lament the changes, it also makes me feel super-special to be wearing a full set of regalia that no one else can get now. Does that make me a bad person?

  • Kamalia Says:

    I was so sad when I looked in my bank and found that my Mordant’s Travel Tunic had been converted to a cataclysm design. It’s still attractive, so Kay will be keeping it… but because it’s no longer a Purple Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Ketura, who got it to be part of her Pirate wardrobe, will probably be getting rid of it.

    The Dwarf quest reward Rancher’s Trousers, which used to be a nice blue pair of shorts, also got changed to a Cataclysm design, which has made all of my characters who had them rather sad (and cleared up an inventory spot for them).

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