The City of Dalaran

Ah, Dalaran. The city of mages. So, it is only fitting that these Dalaran outfits reflect that style with adding a touch of whimsy and magic.

The prominent colors found in Dalaran are shades of blues and purples, with a little bit of gold. I focused primarily on these colors, and also stayed primarily cloth (you know, for all our mage friends ^_^)

One of the best robes to start off with are the Dalaran Wizard’s Robe:

The gold accents on the Magister pieces blend perfectly with the robe. If you are Alliance, and are unable to farm this robe/purchase from AH, the Darkmoon Robe + Tabard of the Kirin Tor will work just fine.

The Highborn Star is one of the many off-hand frills that look like a polearm/staff and are perfect alternatives for those who can not equip those weapon types.

Another great Dalaran-like robe to consider is the Lesser Wizard’s Robe, which is also the same choice of robe worn by resident mages and wizards found around the city:

The Lesser Wizard’s Robe can be worn by itself, as well, without trying to look like on of the Dalaran wizards. However, if NPC styles is your style, check out the links at the end of this article for more ideas.

For a different look, try:

While predominantly white and purple, the tabard brings in the gold highlights which is accented by the belt and the off-hand frill. You could also use a belt like the Wizard’s Belt, leaving the tabard the main gold focus.

For a more “superior” choice of robes, try the Egg-Warming Blanket

The gold from the gloves accents the gold in the tabard; however, the robe can be worn by itself and still be a great Dalaran City robe. Another great robe to consider, that is also seen on Kirin Tor NPCs is the Robe of the Great Dark Beyond. This lovely purple and silver/white armor can also be found in just a kilt – the Khadgar’s Kilt of Abjuration.

Love your character’s Lovely Purple Dress? It can easily be turned into a Dalaran outfit, as well!

    The outfit looks great without the tabard, too!

The Purple Dinner Suit and/or the Blue Dinner Suit are great alternatives for this type of outfit rather than using the Lovely Dresses. However, if a trouser-outfit is what you are looking for, why not try one of the looks in the outfits outlined next.

Already bored at level 85? Why not go back and easily solo Outlands dungeons. A great prize to seek are the Princely Reign Leggings:

Another outfit alternative using these pants can be:

While I feel the Devout pieces really go great with these leggings, the bracers and the gloves from the dungeon set that go along with these pants (the Arcing Bracers and the Manaspark Gloves, respectively) are your best alternatives if the Devout pieces are not obtainable for you.

The Vindicator Belt is a perfect accessory for Dalaran outfits because it incorporates both blue and purple colors, as do most of the other armor pieces in the set. *Warning* The Vindicator Pants look…awkward…equip at your own risk!

The Darkweave Breeches make a great Dalaran pair of trousers too:

The darker purple of the pants offers a gorgeous contrast from the lighter purple in the other armor items.

Another great type of outfit to use the Darkweave Breeches in is as follows:

The Shadowcraft Boots can be replaced with any other dark purple or blue boots, such as the Thick Leather Boots.

For a lighter purple look, try:

The Starfire Trousers, and other armor from the Starfire set, as well as the High Councillor’s set, are great alternatives for a lighter purple outfit.

Kirina got /lol’ed at while wearing this outfit when she was waiting around for the Higher Learning books. I think it is cute, and fits into that whimsical wizard spirit of Dalaran….*sniffles* That guy just didn’t understand!

The many uses of the Gossamer Pants never ceases to amaze me ^_^.

There are many things to do in Dalaran. While fishing for coins in the fountain (if you have not already completed that achievement), fancy things up with a Dalaran fishing outfit:

The gold in all the accessories and in the Rich Purple Shirt match the pantaloons (and the Jeweled Fishing Pole ^_^); the Embroidered Hat obtains that Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat style without sacrificing the purple Dalaran color.

Every night, around 9:00 p.m. server time, the little gnome wizard outside the Silver Enclave, Windle Sparkshine, makes his rounds around Dalaran, lighting every lamp-post he comes across. After he turns on the lights in Dalaran, he sells Windle’s Lighter, which allows the purchaser to light lamps that he might have missed. The best part, they stay lit for the rest of the night. Pretty neat, and fun purpose for RP-walking around Dalaran at night.

    Kirina lights up the night!

Her outfit is:

And finally, as I end most of my other outfit articles, some Simple Kilt ensembles:

These correlate to previous outfits, just substituting the Simple Kilt for the other trousers used. You could also just do the kilt plus the

  • Tabard of the Kirin Tor and a purple shirt for an easy outfit.

    Some other great Dalaran and Kirin Tor look-a-like outfits can be seen at:

    And at our own forums in posts like this one.

    *If you have a blog post of your own over these types of outfits, please do not hesitate to tell me. I’ll link to it too! ^_^*

    I hope this article have given you some ideas for Dalaran City outfits. Now that most players have left Northrend all together, Dalaran City is empty. Do not let a beautiful city like this one go to waste. Make an adventure about traveling there, either by yourself or as a part of an RP group, and enjoy an empty inn all to yourself/selves to RP without any disturbances. The Alliance’s Silver Enclave even has a Beer Garden on its premises, creating a perfect place for a Brewfest any time of the year.

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