Nov 17 2009



Check out my Bluffwatcher outfit. I love it!


Nov 9 2009

Kamalia’s New Articles


Kamalia wrote 2 great everyday outfits articles for the site! Check those out!
She also posted up on the forums a nice little post over how she made all her Hallow’s End costumes, if anyone was interested in recreating one of them for their character – See that here!

What To See First? Everyday Leather Outfits | Everyday Mail Outfits

Sep 22 2009

So You Want to be a Pirate…


The urge to swash and buckle is not lightly ignored. Here are some of my pirate costume ideas.


**Added by Kirina** Any day can be Pirate’s Day with these outfits! Check out Kamalia’s original post on the Kirina’s Closet Forum. This is a great example on guest writing posts/articles. Submit your own outfit ideas while you’re there!

Jul 8 2009

Orgrimmar Grunt


This is Waddell’s only outfit, and it was a gift… honest. Anyways, this one is fun, so check it out!