May 5 2010

Cinco de Mayo Fun!


It’s the little things I do in-game that make World of Warcraft fun for me…like how I logged in to Kirina this morning, May 5th, and said, while wearing the full Haliscan set, “Arriba! Happy Cinco de Mayo!” and then dropped Kirina’s Ogre Pinata. I got a couple of /cheers, a couple of /lols, someone one-shot the pinata, and everyone took some of the candy that burst from it ^_^

If your character has the Ogre Pinata, I suggest doing something along the same lines for a little Cinco de Mayo fun; however, having it one-shot kind of took away the exciting anticipation of hitting said pinata until the candy would explode out. Oh well.

    “Get teh candyz!”

Also, if you do not have, or know someone in-game that does not have, either the Haliscan Brimmed Hat or Don Carlos’ Famous Hat, why not get together for a Old Hillsbrad – Caverns of Time fun run, or solo Don Carlos for a little bit of Cinco de Mayo fun by yourself. It’s well worth it!

Visit the Haliscan Fun article for some outfit ideas!