New Year’s Eve

All the Winter Veil presents have been opened…everyone is tired of eating left-over holiday food…and slowly but surely, people take down their festive decorations in realization that the year is at its close…but not before one last party! ^_^

New Year’s Eve can be celebrated by a wild party at a club, or at home as a quiet family get together based in tradition. World of Warcraft’s New Year’s Eve celebration is no different, and brings the two extremes together: large kegs of beer for the taking and fireworks, but also, commonly set in Thunder Bluff and Stormwind, both cities of whom have lore-filled traditions over the passing of time.

A lot of clubs have a “BLT” theme to whatever New Year’s Eve party they host. “BLT party” = Black-tie, Lingerie, and Toga party, where, the costume(s) of choice fall under any of those categories. I used this idea as my theme for this site’s New Year’s Eve fashion. Hopefully, there is something for everyone to wear!

First off, the Black-tie outfits. Some of these outfits are similar, if not identical, to my Dating Outfits article – which has some more ideas for formal New Year’s Eve wear. However, there are also endless amounts of “black-tie” armor in game to fit one’s particular taste.

This is Kirina’s favorite formal outfit (it’s almost everywhere on this site ^_^). I like to blend in, or sometimes contrast, the skirt color with a leggings or a kilt – shown here with the Black Tuxedo Pants under the skirt. Another fashion idea that is also everywhere on this site, and others, is layering nice shirts underneath any of the Lovely Dresses:

Don’t forget the other colors of Lovely Dresses! I don’t think I’ve used Kirina’s Lovely Purple Dress to exhaustion yet, so, here it is!

The Soothsayer’s Kilt is a quest reward from a Shadowmoon Valley quest chain for both the Horde and the Alliance. It serves the same purpose as the Black Tuxedo Pants in the previous outfits; however, there are different purple leg-armor options to choose from, if desired at all (it’s also quite lovely on its own, too).

Another nice dress to have around, especially for events such as New Year’s Eve, is the Silver-thread Robe.

I love this robe too. It appears to be very velvety with satin silver lining – a unique and formal robe. If you desire sleeves, you can try to find/buy the rare Black Velvet Robes. However, if you find the Silver-thread Robe, just wear the Stylish Black Shirt underneath it for an instant perfect match.

For those that appreciate more color from their formal outfits, robes like the Robes of Exalted are just what you need:

Other notable robes like this are the Elegant Robes, the Mooncloth Robe, and Alanna’s Embrace.

These dresses look great with fancy shirts, too!

Of course, the Tuxedo set is the ultimate black-tie apparel for guys (and gals ^_^)

Interested in the Silver-thread armor pieces, but don’t want to wear the robe? Try this outfit on for size:

I choose not to equip the Silver-thread Armor in this outfit to make it less “gear-like” and more party fun. Of course, any black and/or white top will go with the pants/boots.

Other “ready-made” formal wear are the Dinner Suits that correlate to the Lovely Dresses

This suit also comes in blue or purple, but not black. Because of this, I feel as though they look like a pair of pajamas (see lingerie section below ^_^) unless they are paired with the tuxedo shirt, as seen above. I don’t know…maybe it could be me. Either way, you’ll be turning heads. ^_^

Next, some Lingerie outfits to party in.

“This jacuzzi could be a little bit deeper….”
  • Kirina’s “Birthday Suit”!

Of course, I wouldn’t want people to be this brash. Yes, people sleep in their underwear (or nothing at all…0_0 ). Yes, it’s funny…but, there are some armor in-game that could look like pj’s. ^_^ It takes a little bit more imagination to come up with “lingerie” outfits, and sadly, I’ve used all mine up allotted for this year ^_^.

Nothing adds more sex appeal than the Spring Circlet ^_^ Thanks, Blizzard, for adding it to the game. The Black Mageweave Leggings are a classic example of the leggings that split into a pair of “panties” and thigh-high hosiery, and almost every armor type has this style.

Malyndia wrote up a great post on the forum – Sexy Outfits. Check it out for more ideas of leggings with this type of look.

Don’t want to show that much skin? The Black Mageweave Leggings looks great with other tops, as well:

In my opinion, The Dinner Suits, in any color, can pose as a sort of pajamas, especially on gals. It’s a tight fit and has a silky feel to it…it almost makes me wish there were embroidered initials on the lapel.

Lastly, the Toga outfits. This one was the hardest to do, so, for in-game, “toga” encompasses anything silly.

I understand that having the control to change one’s guild tabard (or finding enough people to make your own guild) is hard to do for some players. This was just the closest, and most accurate, way I could think of to have a toga in-game that matches the stereotypical short white sheet wrapped around one’s figure. If you’re not a guild leader and/or have access to change a guild’s tabard…who knows? Maybe the whole guild would like the idea of running around the new year’s party in a toga look-alike outfit ^_^.

For a more formal toga look:

The Robes of Insight, and the other robes in the same style, can also pose as a sort of “toga” for the scarce amount of material wrapped around your female character’s body. However, on guy characters, any of these robes could also be a sort of colorful toga as well, as they look like a sleeveless robe on males.

This last outfit is the silly-idea one….it’s basically a dressed up Caveman outfit:

Malyndia’sSexy Outfits” post on the forum also includes a “primitive” outfit to consider.

My grandma always said that what you are doing on New Year’s Day is what you will be doing for the rest of the year, so, hopefully, you’ll be reading up on some WoW fashion at this site. LoL, I’m kidding! I hope everyone had a wonderful year, and blessings to you and yours for this new year. Don’t forget to eat your collard greens and black-eyed peas! I know I won’t! ^_^

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