Winter Veil

Lights and new vendors around the town? Gingerbread Cookies? Great-Father Winter? Looks like it’s time for the Feast of Winter Veil again! Where does that year go? ^_^

Much like Kirina’s black-and-orange outfits in my Hallow’s End Outfits article, I choose to stay with the traditional red and green colors of Christmas…I mean, uh, Winter Veil…for these holiday outfits. However, any color of your choosing can be a holiday color, too.

First off, I would like to elaborate more on my previous Winter Veil mini-post: Great-Father Winter’s Outfit.

The Flarecore Robe can be made by tailors that are at least honored with the old-world faction – the Thorium Brotherhood – as they are able to buy the pattern at that reputation level. Another robe to consider is the Infernoweave Robe, but, I don’t know if that is easier to get than the Flarecore Robe.

Also for old-world raiders, the Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame, which drops out of Molten Core, is a matching alternative to the Red Hands of the Thunderlord (Horde quest reward). A small decently gear level 70 or 80 team can easily down bosses in Molten Core. So, if you have some great friends that would like to help you get some RP gloves (or who are in it for the nostalgia of running old raids), you can get that pair of gloves.

Great Father Winter’s gloves seemed to be fur-lined, as well. To get this illusion, I added the Snowhide Bracers bought from Tewah Chillmane. However, any other white “furry” leather bracers, such as the Boneshredder Wristguards, will work just fine too.

The Dusky Belt also has a matching alternative – the Guardian Belt. Don’t have any reputation with the Timbermaw Hold to get the Furbolg Medicine Pouch? It might be the easiest to get…as the other bag off hands that are not class-specific are Jin’do’s Bag of Whammies and Khadgar’s Knapsack; however, both of which are not a solid red bag.

To have an outfit like our winter heroes is somewhat hard to put together (I don’t even have it for Kirina yet), but, it is possible to do. If this outfit is something that interests you, I would suggest to find all the pieces for it now. Some of the key elements of this outfit, such as the Flarecore Robe or the Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame, may not be here once Cataclysm strikes.

Whew! that was a lot just for that one outfit! ^_^ Sorry. Now on to Kirina’s usual outfits:

The Red Winter Clothes are made by Alliance tailors only, while the Green Winter Clothes are made by Horde tailors only; however, either product can be sold on neutral auction houses to be available for either faction. I prefer the Red Winter Clothes for Kirina because they are more classic (and also because I don’t have a Green Winter Hat to go along with the other suit ^_^).

The Winter Hats are not made – they drop out of instances of the highest level range. So, for this year, only dungeons in Northrend will have these to be looted. You will see the hat on the NPC that it drops from in these instances:

If you’re character is male, the Winter Clothes spread out like a full suit not unlike the Dinner Suits, such as the Red Dinner Suit. If your female character does not want that much skin showing, you can always add more to these outfits…which makes them more unique too!

Still a lot of skin showing, but, the Scarlet Filigreed Doublet dresses up the Red Winter Clothes quite a bit. I added Kirina’s Apothecary Gloves from a previous quest, and blended them into the sleeves with the puffy white Buccaneer’s Bracers.

For this next outfit, I just switched the Winter Clothes and a shirt:

Although the Red Swashbuckler’s Shirt looks great in this outfit, I wish there was a “Green Swashbuckler Shirt” or some sort of “Emerald Filigreed Doublet” to pair up with the Green Winter Clothes. Also, as you can see, the Red Winter Hat goes nicely with the green suit; however, I feel having a red shirt on underneath it ties in the hat more-so.

Some other notable shirts to wear under the Winter Clothes that allow for more coverage are as follows:

Of course, the Red Linen Shirt or the Green Linen Shirt will look great paired with either Winter Clothes, as well.

Going for that rustic Christmas look? The red or green Lumberjack Shirts and the red or green Workman’s Shirts are your best friends:

This type of outfit is great for both guys and gals, but is more suited for males in my opinion. The pants and the belt can be easily changed to match one’s taste. The Green Lumberjack Shirt has the same style, only it is in a dark green plaid color with lighter colored suspenders.

If you don’t want your toon to be decked out in plaid, the Workman Shirts offer the same amount of ruggedness. In this outfit, the Green Workman’s Shirt pairs nicely with the Ruffian Belt due to the black “shirt beneath the shirt” effect of the workman shirt. One could also match the belt to the red suspenders.

A great robe to have around for Winter’s Veil is the Buccaneer’s Robes:

If you find the Bucccaneer’s Robes, either as a world-drop, or at the local auction house, keep it! It’s a classic robe with a plain red skirt that is very versatile for many other outfits. The Green Holiday Shirt is made by one of the many profession recipes/patterns to be looted from the Smokywood Pastures Special Gift, and is a very festive shirt to wear during this event, too.

The Green Linen Shirt can be worn with the Buccaneer’s Robes, as well. This shirt tones down the effect of the outfit to more of holiday casual wear.

But, if semi-formal holiday wear was what you were going for, try on some of these ideas:

Pairing up fancy shirts with the Lovely Dresses is always a hit, and many more examples can be found in several places around this site and at Miss Hanuma’s blogsite. I equipped the Crimson Silk Pantaloons underneath the dress to blend in the colors more, but, this is completely optional.

The Lovely Red Dress can also be paired up with the Formal White Shirt:

I was going more for that “candy cane” look with this outfit, but, the red strings on the side of the dress in contrast to the white Aurora Pants worn underneath are the only visible striping to this outfit. I used the Buccaneer’s Gloves in this outfit for more red/white pairing. Previously used as “bloody gloves” in other outfits, here they can appear to be somewhat formal, but are completely optional to include.

Another “candy cane” type of outfit could use the Acolyte’s Robe – the starter robe for Draenei priests. Although the robe can be worn by itself, on some characters, adding a nice shirt (I find that the Formal White Shirt looks the best) reduces the amount of “boob spillage” from the top of the robe ^_* .

For both of these outfits, or for any other Winter Veil outfits, I wish I had a large candy cane off-hand to wave around. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask for ^_^.

Ultimately, using the Green Holiday Shirt is your best bet to make formal-trouser outfits.

The silken effect of both the shirt and the pantaloons compliment each other in this outfit. And while one could wear any type of foot-gear, I suggest wearing taller boots. The Crimson Silk Pantaloons are “capri” cut pants, and while they sound festive, the Winter Boots are not tall enough to cover the end of the pants…causing a small skin gap in between fur and red silk.

The same outfit looks great with the Black Tuxedo Pants, which can allow you to wear the Winter Boots effectively.

Some other trouser outfits I put together for Kirina are more casual, and perfect for running around in while chunking Snowballs at people:

The Green Linen Shirt comes to the casual rescue again, keeping the silky, tight pantaloons the star of this ensemble while still being festive.

The Winter Boots also look great with “blue jeans”. For an even simpler version of this outfit, one can use the identical, vendor-bought Knitted Pants.

There are plenty of Simple Kilt outfits to be made for this holiday.

This outfit is the same idea as the previous lumberjack’s/workman’s shirt outfit, only, when paired with the Simple Kilt, it is much more workchic.

This is the type of outfit I could see my mom wearing around this time of year: a green holiday vest, red shirt, and a blue jean skirt. The only thing missing are the faux-Christmas light-bulb earrings and the “brooch” that is Rodolph the Reindeer and has a real glowing nose ^_^.

Substituting the Red Linen Shirt for the Scarlet Filigreed Doublet spices up the previous outfit while also adding more formality to it.

That’s about all I could come up with…lol…like it wasn’t already enough. I hope everyone has a Happy Winter Veil in-game and a Merry Christmas in real life!

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