Great-Father Winter Has Come to Town!


….or, he has been for the past 2 days ^_^.

I couldn’t wait until my Winter Veil article to share this new outfit idea with you (hopefully that article will be soon to follow…I underestimated how busy things are this time of the year!) So, if you ever wanted to look like Great-Father Winter, or Greatfather Winter, here’s a good matching outfit to run around in:

I understand that some of the main pieces of this outfit are rather hard to come by (unless you know the right people…). However, looking like our Christmas heroes is possible to do in-game ^_^

3 Responses to “Great-Father Winter Has Come to Town!”

  • Hanuma Says:

    The pattern for the green gloves is still avaliable. 😉

  • Kirina Says:

    LoL, I saw those when I was researching for this outfit and got excited like my search was over, but, they’re actually green. However, I believe you can still get the pattern from the “Smokeywood Pastures Gift” you get in the mail from finishing all of the holiday quests. ^_^

  • Kamalia Says:

    A year or so ago at Winter Veil, Leatherworkers could get a pattern for “Gloves of the GreatFather” which I think makes gloves that look like what the Greatfather Winter you see in Ironforge or Orgrimmar is wearing. I don’t know if the pattern is available again this season, though.

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