Hallow’s End Outfits

This Hallow’s End article is for Hallow’s End “casual” wear to stay in the spirit of this wonderful world event. Want to run around in a costume instead? Check out Kirina’s Hallow’s End Costumes for some basic ideas to start from when making your own.

Some of these outfits Kirina wore last Hallow’s End, but most were put together throughout the year in preparation for the next time the world event rolled around (in real life, I think about Halloween all year round…Hallow’s End is no different ^_^).

You will see that I stayed with orange/black and purple/black color schemes. These colors are more traditional in my opinion, and, bring out the most of the holiday for me. Of course, any color combination can be incorporated (green/black…black/white…); it’s all what makes the holiday fun for you!

The Death Speaker Robes is a classic orange and black robe that’s perfect for Hallow’s End. It is fairly easy to get if you can solo Razorfen Kraul, as it drops from Death Speaker Jargba.

The Death Speaker Mantle drops from the same elite mob as the Death Speaker Robes. I love the shoulder’s simple style, and the orange and black colors will match with any desired Hallow’s End outfit.

    “I wish I had that hat! It would match perfectly with this robe!” /Cry.
    “I wish I had that candy bucket for an off-hand frill!” /Pout.
    /Sigh. “I guess all I can do right now is pose in front of them…”

There’s another orange and black robe that’s just as festive:

The Sacrificial Robes (as seen in my Harvest Festival article) makes a great Hallow’s End outfit, as well. The robe, however, has a more velvety look to it, and its richness, in my opinion, makes it more of a fall/Hallow’s End evening dress.

Speaking of evening dress, The Lovely Black Dress can be worn over many different shirts for an unique twist in style:

The silky black sleeves of the shirt match well with the Ruffian Belt, and connects together all the pieces of this outfit. Kirina is also wearing her Black Tuxedo Pants under the dress to further blend colors together; this is optional depending on one’s style.

Any of the Mageweave Shirts look okay with the Lovely Black Dress, but, from behind, their addition to the outfit looks rather plain and somewhat…. “not sexy”, especially when the shirt is of a different color than that particular Lovely Dress, as in this case.

I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with the idea of layering any shirt under any of the Lovely Dresses, so, I don’t claim this to be an “original Kirina idea.” This blog article shows many different unique combinations – check it out, too!

While on the topic of “little black dresses”, let’s not forget the Simple Black Dress

Yeah, I know…I know…I’ve said I never really liked the Simple Black Dress, and here it is in yet another of my articles. ^_^ . I’ll admit I was wrong in my quick judgment, and since then, have grown accustomed to its graceful style. This outfit is similar to those found in my Ebon Roses article.

I also switched from (and retired…) my usual Beacon of Hope lantern to the Eerie Stable Lantern. They have the same model, but, the latter having “eerie” in its title makes it more fitting for late night walks through cemeteries during Hallow’s End. However, it’s just as hard to come by as the Beacon of Hope, as it is a low drop rate from the Fel Steeds that randomly spawn in Shadowfang Keep.

This outfit could go either way: as a Hallow’s End casual and/or evening outfit, or as an alternative witch costume. I used both the Skywitch Hat and the Greenweave Branch in my Hallow’s End Costume article, and I listed several alternatives for each. Although, I could see either a wand-like off-hand frill (like the Elementalist Star), or even something totally different, like the Red Wine Glass (for party witches ^_^), going great with this outfit combination as well.

This outfit is the “guy” equivalent to the Simple Black Dress outfit before it. One could always use the Tattered Cloth Pants in this outfit, but, I really love the way the Tattered Cloth Boots make the Black Tuxedo Pants look as if they are tattered around the leg hems. If you were to wear a hat in the same style and color as the Skywitch Hat, the Black Tuxedo Pants match more with that as well. I love Kirina’s High Councillor’s Sash, and, I’m happy that I got a hold of one; to my knowledge, it is the only belt in that style and color – which goes great in many different outfits.

I wanted to make an outfit that used Kirina’s X-52 Pilot Leggings because of their orange/red stripe down each leg. This outfit just uses the Embersilk Bracelets, and not a whole glove, because the brown and orange horizontal pattern on them matches the different sections on the boots.

The vertical striping on the gloves and the boots matches the orange stripe of the pants.

This outfit is the darker equivalent to the ones before it:

The Amber Filigreed Doublet matches the orange accents on the tunic better than the Orange Mageweave Shirt would, as it is darker in color; however, both shirts still look great under the Embersilk Tunic. The Embersilk Boots are a better match for shoes in this outfit, but no one can go wrong with Dress Shoes for an alternative foot-wear. ^_^.

In fact, the entire Embersilk Set looks awesome, and as a whole is also a great Hallow’s End outfit. Unfortunately, all pieces are random, low (old) world drops, and, are rather hard to come by. I got lucky with the pieces of gear that I found/bought; it’s even hit or miss trying to find pieces to this set on the auction houses.

This last “pants” outfit is one of the more simpler ones to put together, but isn’t at all less festive than the others.

Of course, any desired shirt will work with this outfit. I chose the Orange Martial Shirt because the richness of its sleeves blends well with the darkness of the Ruffian Belt and the Black Tuxedo Pants.

And finally, as I end this article as I do practically any other one, some Simple Kilt Hallow’s End outfits. They are, unoriginally, the same last two outfits…just with a Simple Kilt on ^_^

I hope everyone enjoys themselves this Hallow’s End. Create your own fun, original outfits/costumes, and have fun showing them off!

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