Hallow’s End Costumes

Ah, finally…Kirina’s favorite world event! Tricks…treats…the Headless Horseman…it’s all here. And what better way to celebrate this world event than in your very own Hallow’s End costume(s)! This is a short article over Kirina’s costumes.

It’s been said that the perfect costume is one that is in direct contrast to ones personality. That being said, Kirina’s favorite costume is her traditional witch one:

The Skywitch Hat matches the purple/gray design on the robe. It’s one of the rewards from a quest out in Terokkar Forest that also rewards with the Miniwing pet bird. There are several alternatives to this hat with the same colors. They are: the Preceptor’s Hat, the Wicked Witch’s Hat, and the Dread Mage Hat (Alliance only quest reward).

Last year in this outfit, I ran around with the Elementalist Star…more of a fairy wand, in my opinion. I find the Greenweave Branch to be more “witchy,” and it goes well with this outfit. Although it has another green alternative to consider – the Jadefinger Baton (Alliance only quest reward) – there is also a purple branch, the aptly named Witch’s Finger (Horde only quest reward). /Sigh…of course, a quest I completed years ago matches perfectly with an outfit I create later. Oh well. ^_^

So, if Kirina’s perfect costume is a witch, what’s her twin sister, Merlaina’s, costume? How about a happy, mystical fairy!

I kept this one simple. All you need is a pretty, colorful robe (I chose the Draenei mage starter robe, the Recruit’s Robe), and some sort of pastel, “flittery” shoulder pads. I really, really wish there were shoulders in-game that looked like the large, sheer, glittery pink fairy wings found in real life kids’ costumes. Can you imagine how many people would run around in those on a daily basis? LoL…probably the reason why Blizzard hasn’t added them.
There are many “fairy wand” off-hands to choose from, as well. The Watcher’s Star’s star is more pink than others, like the aforementioned Elementalist Star, and goes better with the airy fairy costume.

Some of the other costumes I came up with after last year’s Hallow’s End are as follows:

This scary zombie outfit isn’t scary to put together. The Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing is a shirt bought from a nurse vendor in Dalaran. There is also a less bloody alternative, the Wound Dressing, to consider as well. The Ghostweave Pants are tailored, but there are many alternatives in different colors with the same tattered style. The Big Voodoo Mask is also tailored, but looks the same as the Bad Mojo Mask – should anyone wish to have a higher level mask in their outfit.

The weapons equipped can be adjusted to one’s zombie taste. Also, if you own any Path of Illidan from the WoW TCG loot card, use them while in this outfit. The green “fel energy” that surrounds you completes your living undead look. And…if your character is a living undead….hmmm…I guess 86 the mask and the green smog…you already look the part! ^_^

I adapted on of my RP Rogue outfits into a Headless Horseman one. I used my actual PVE shoulders for this costume, but any other large black shoulders will fit the part as well. The Cloak of Darkness was a bit expensive to come by, as it was the only black cloak I could find at the time, but, like the shoulders, any other long, black cloak will work just fine. I also tried to stay simple with this costume, and instead of using mail or plate armor like what the real Headless Horseman NPC wears, I focused more on cloth/leather armor to accommodate more classes. The costume pictured in the post to this Hallow’s End article actually uses the Tuxedo Set with the Stylish Black Shirt for an even cheaper/simpler approach.

The Horseman’s Blade is dropped from the Headless Horseman boss that dwells in the Scarlet Monastery during the Hallow’s End event. The sword summons three “pumpkin guardians” – that match your level – and fight for you for a short period of time. The Hallowed Helm also drops from the Headless Horseman boss, but, can also be received through trick or treating at an inn. If your character can wear plate armor, another Hallow’s End boss drop that would better fit a Headless Horseman costume would be, of course, The Horseman’s Helm.

Hopefully, this is obviously a scarecrow costume…or an unfinished “workman” outfit. ^_^. I choose green, yellow, and brown colors to stay with the “straw” feel of a traditional scarecrow. There are numerous pieces of armor that could obtain a look similar to, or better, than what I could come up with.
Oh, and I retired Kirina’s beloved Emblazoned Hat for its non BOE alternative the Studded Hat. This new hat actually matches more to the brown colors in most of Kirina’s outfits.

Another scarecrow-like costume that uses the Blue Overalls. It will also look great with the previously used Yellow Lumberjack Shirt. However, this is one of those outfits were I wish my dream of being able to equip double helms would come true. I could then equip the Studded Hat, or a “pointy” hat, like the Watcher’s Cap, over the Hallowed Helm.

Speaking of the Watcher’s Cap, here’s another costume that is…somewhat of a stretch:

So, by using our imagination, we can see that this costume somewhat resembles a pumpkin costume. I tried to keep it simple with using vendor bought items, but, I also added some green effects that match with the hat (the mantle and gloves) to resemble leaves – which of, course, can be left out of the costume, if desired. The Watcher’s Cap was rather hard to come by – I got lucky eventually finding it on the auction house. And, although it is not the only hat with this sort of style, it is the only one in this color scheme to resemble a sort of stem.

    If your character is a Gnome or a Dwarf, this costume will look adorable on you. Because of your shorter….and, umm, rounder?…physique, you’ll look more like a pumpkin than most other races.

That’s pretty much all I have for “costumes”, and, as you can see, I stayed very traditional. I left the rest of the creative juices for you to make your own and submit them during our Hallow’s End Costume Contest (or, by showing us on the forum if you’re reading this outside the month of October ^_^ ).

Happy Hallow’s End!

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