2011 Contest Winners!


Yea! Lol, I guess I kept all of you that participated in the Hallow’s End Costume Contest in suspense long enough. The winners for the 3rd annual contest are:

  • Grand Prize – Ryan’s “Spartan” costume
  • 2nd Place – Montanna’s “Spiderman” costume
  • 1st runner up – Erinia’s “Wicked Witch of the West” costume
  • 2nd runner up – Daniel’s “Ron Weasly quidditch outfit” costume

View these costumes, and all the other entries under the 2011 Hallows End Costume Contest page.

This year, Waddell and I had help from a couple of volunteer judges who have been long time readers of this site – Kamalia and Hyacintha. Even with two extra people in the decision making, we all had a hard time narrowing down the entries to the final winners…and you all made it even harder this year with almost twice the amount of entries as last year, and, by raising the bar with the quality/creativity of the costumes!

Something different that I included this year were “Honorable Mention” costumes. These were the costumes that were a part of each judge’s top 10 picks…the ones that the final vote came down between.

Last year, I saw an influx of posts on the forums asking about the items that contestants used in the costumes that they submitted – even for those that did not win a prize. So, if your costume didn’t win, please know that your idea(s) still inspire someone else because they are still creative and unique! I’m sure I’ll get requests asking for the outfit pieces of a lot of costumes submitted…especially the ones that look like NPCs.

I want to thank all of contestants for their entry(s). Thank you for participating!

**Important** Winners: I e-mailed out a message (to the e-mail address you submitted with your costume) to you stating that you’ve won, which also contains the codes to your prize(s). If you can’t find it (check your spam too ^_^), please comment to this post, and I will resend the information. Thanks! ~ Kirina

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