Only Today and Tomorrow…then it’s Halloween!


….Or “Hallow’s End night”, which ever you prefer ^_^ That’s the last day of the Hallow’s End Costume Contest, so, be sure to get your costume in soon if you were planning to participate! I really wish I’d had more time for Hallow’s End this year. I wanted to do a “Hallow’s End Party” article, but, never got that far out of school work to do so. I’ll probably post it up later…after Hallow’s End…when all the excitement as gone away T-T

/Sigh. I had just enough time this week to knit this little guy up (and you can too) and send it to my grandma (she loves Halloween too ^_^). I’ve been busy with a lot of exams this week….but that’s all over today! Yea! Well, just until finals come up…which Cata releases right in the middle of. So…guess what I won’t be doing come that time (for all those who said “she won’t be studying”, shame on you! ^_^ )

November should be packed more with new stuff. It looks like I will have more time for “leisure activities” then. The calm before the storm…..

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