2009 Hallow’s End Costume Contest Winners!


The results are finally in! Here are the very first 4 winners of the 1st annual costume contest:

  • Grand Prize – Kamalia’s “Little Red Riding Hood” costume
  • 2nd Place – Delorion’s “Wonder Woman” costume
  • 1st runner up – Flute’s “Centurian Guard” costume
  • 2nd runner up – Kay’s “Troll” costume

Waddell and I had a tough time deciding the final winners. Some other costumes that stood out to us were a Draenei Flamingo costume, a peaceful Blood Elf angel costume, and a silly Tauren posing as a Blood Elf. ^_^ Several people submitted their players in their original tier-set gear, which looks badass. If yours didn’t get picked this year, I hope you had fun making the costumes, and we would like to see you back here next year!

See all the costumes here!

**Important** Winners: I e-mailed out a message (to the e-mail address you submitted with your costume) to you stating that you’ve won and how you wish to receive the prize(s). Please respond back to this e-mail – if you can’t find it (check your spam too ^_^), please comment to this post, and I will resend the information. Thanks! ~ Kirina

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