Hallow’s End Costume Contest ~ 2009

Let me first start by saying that it was a really, really, tough decision on Waddell and my part to decide who should be our first 4 winners, as there were some really great and unique costumes entered in the contest. Our decisions were based on the creativity of the costumes, and also the presentation (the actions/location of screen-shots…that sort of thing) of the screen-shots. To all those who didn’t win this year, please know that your submission(s) was(were) greatly appreciated, and we hope that you come back next year and join in the Hallow’s End fun again!

2009 Winners:

    Runner Up: “Centurian Guard” – Flutes
    Runner Up: “Troll Costume” – Kay

Both Runner Ups received a WoW TCG loot card ~ a Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit.

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