Apr 1 2010

So…I don’t think I can do this anymore…


With all the real life stuff going on at this point in my life, I find it now to be the best time to quit playing World of Warcraft, and consequently, stop writing on this fashion site. Me not having enough time to dedicate to this site, and even playing WoW to get pictures and other items to write about, has left me not wanting to do either; my enjoyment factor leaves if I have to force myself and stress about something….which is what I’ve been doing as of late.

It’s been fun doing this, and, there has been much appreciation for this site, but I feel as though I let a lot of you down when I seem to never get around to writing an article, or doing something on the forum, in a timely manner. I’m sure someone else could do a better job, so, I leave all the RP fashion advice to the many others who share (shared…) the same passion as I had.

So, I guess this is goodbye to everyone. I might even delete my account too, so, I guess this is goodbye to Kirina, as well. It’s been fun.


LoL! I had to play a little April Fool’s joke. ^_^ And, I really hope no one actually believed me. ^.^ I’m not going anywhere, I’m not deleting Kirina, and I’m definitely not quitting this site until my whole little journal of ideas are posted.

Noblegarden and the Spring articles should be up soon; Noblegarden (Easter) is this Sunday, so, yeah…right around the corner!

I have been busy, though…that part wasn’t a joke. And, I’ve also been sick with some kind of stomach virus too for the past couple of days ~.~ …hasn’t been fun. But, anyway! Happy April Fool’s Day, LoL!

Nov 18 2009

I pity the fool…


…who doesn’t get Mohawked!

So, apparently, Mr. T’s “Night Elf Mohawk” strikes World of Warcraft again. I don’t know how long this little addition will last, but, for now, you can visit any Night Elf Mohawk camped outside each race’s starting zone (i.e. Deathknell…) and receive a grenade (much like the Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E) with 5-charges that “mohawks” any player in the throw radius. For more information click here.

I’m all about new items in-game, and it’s pretty fun to look like a Mr.T Night Elf ^_^ Go and get you one!