Hallow’s End Costume Contest – 2012


Happy Hallow’s End, Everyone!

Yes, the Hallow’s End Costume Contest will still be taking place this year! Hopefully, I still have some visitors to this site to participate in the 4th annual costume contest ^_^.

Click here for more information and for what prizes are in store for you if you win!

Something special to note: I would love to see transmog-able costumes in the contest.

So, tell one and all! There is also a convenient costume up-loader link at the top of this webpage.

I do want to apologize to my readers for not having posted in almost a year. It’s unbelievable how much time a job and marriage takes away from your life, even if it has been an enjoyable ride. Over the summer, I took up some new responsibilities at my job that has been sucking even more time away from my hobbies (…my sanity?), and I haven’t truly played WoW in a while. I don’t want to soap-box too much, as I am sure you all know “how it is”.

I have been doing some updates around this site in the little amounts of time I could spare – mostly reworking how the accessibility to pages work. I do hope that it is an agreeable change, as my goal was to make finding/reading articles easier and more interactive.

/Sigh. I know I can’t make too much of an excuse for myself. Sometimes, I even feel like a stranger to my site. But, I still am determined to finish the outfit article ideas that I started…even if the fan-base and has gone. So, please be patient with any updates. I have linked to some amazing WoW RP blogs to consider in lieu of mine, and, if you know of one that has popped up since Transmogrification, please do not hesitate to tell me about it; I’ll definitely add them to my link list! ^_^

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