Kirina’s Closet on WoWInsider!


Over this Thanksgiving break, WoWInsider featured Kirina’s Closet on their “15 minutes of fame” section!

Read the article here

I was so honored to be interviewed by them, and, I love that they even asked me about my WoW knitting.

More importantly though, tomorrow is the 29th – the end of PvP season 10. Will tomorrow be 4.3 day, as well? I’m waking up early to find out. Hopefully, though, it’ll be next week Tuesday…more in line with the Darkmoon Faire schedule (^_^).

I am also happy to see that they finally added recipes for Rhinestone Sunglasses and the High Society Top Hat to be available in-game once 4.3 hits. It’ll be awesome for clothies if we can transmog these!

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