She stood at the edge of the great cliff at the highest point in Azeroth…


The wind whipped about her, practically making the decision to jump for her. Kirina sighed softly to herself has she remembered her last journey here. Waddell had been excited to leave their new realm Tichondrius for a different one…Whisperwind?….

That’s right, to be with his cousin…

They had stood here at the edge together, hand-in-hand, looking into the abyss below.
“Ready, love?” Waddell had asked her.
She had nodded, but, sadly, she remembered. When they jumped the first time to be in Tichondrius, they had run off the cliff together, laughing, and ended up in Orgrimmar as if nothing had happened. But for this time, Waddell had explained, they would not be who they were now on this other realm. They may have no memory of their former selves as a Blood Elf, or a Tauren, and, as a result, they would have to find each other again. Any memories of their love or life together would be erased too, but Kirina could not help but feel that, maybe, they would not find each other again, or would want to; who’s to say that they would have the same emotions as different people.

When they jumped off the edge, Waddell was laughing, and his hand slowing dematerialized from hers, as he exited the world. Kirina shouted for him. He was gone, but she continued to fall down the abyss. Something was keeping her in Tichondrius….she could not go with him.

Kirina eventually saw what had kept her here. She could not let go of her childhood memories, her family’s little farm-house in Eversong Woods (it would not exist on Whisperwind), and, most of all, she could not let go of Waddell. Not having her memories, and a possibility of not having Waddell, kept her spiraling down to the inevitable end of her jump.

But it was all different now. She needed to jump. Here she was alone, on Tichondrius, without Waddell anyway. She would rather have a chance to be with him, and, if she got to Whisperwind and did not have any memory of their love, at least it would be better than knowing she was not with him at all…like how hellish it has been for her since having him gone.

Kirina closed her eyes, she was ready now. It was time.

“Kirina, wait!”

The slowing effect of an earth-bind totem consumed her fall forward off the cliff, and, as she fell to her knees at the edge, she turned to see who had shouted at her. It was Waddell, laughing, with his arms stretched out for her.

“I love you,” he whispered to her as they embraced each other, “And I couldn’t live in a world without you.”
She cried happily while pressed against his chest.
“Sorry I couldn’t go with you,” she said.
“It doesn’t matter…the trip wasn’t worth it anyway. And, had I known you wouldn’t have been able to come with me, I wouldn’t have jumped. I’m sorry for leaving.”
“You’re here now, that’s all that matters to me.”

The couple hearthed to Orgrimmar together; there would never be a need to come to that cliff again.

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  • HybridFaith Says:

    Aww that was cute. Keep writing

  • Belili Says:

    I sympathize completely. My love and I have oft contemplated moving servers for various reasons (I wanted to be with Brazilian crew, to RP; he wanted to be with Aussie friends, etc.)…but we cannot be separated, and neither can we bear to leave the home of our youth, or our young love. Glad you made the choice that felt right!

  • Kirina Says:

    *Warning* Post may contain cheesy content about how Waddell and I are now back on the same server ^_^

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