I’ll be taking a short break.


I had warned before about not being able to play the game/update this website around this time due to my finals. On top of the regular end-of-the semester load, I will also need to take and pass my chemistry teaching exam, and the teaching theory one as well, to be eligible to student teach in the spring and next fall, and thus, finish my degree (freaking finally!! ^_^).

There also might be a massive change to this site. By this I mean that I may faction/server transfer to Whisperwind to play with my husband’s main character, Waddell, who is now a part of his cousin’s guild there. This decision will mean that Kirina will be a Night Elf instead of a Blood Elf, possibly for the remaining time that I play WoW. Believe it or not, this is actually a big decision for me, lol. I’ve been a BE for the past 4 years I have played this game, and, have always expected such. However, being able to play WoW with my husband is starting to trump that…but, I don’t know. I guess in my next articles if you see a Night Elf posing, you’ll have known what I decided ^_^

I hope all of you have fun playing tomorrow! I know a lot of ya’ll have been waiting for this to come out for a while. Archeology looks like it’s going to be fun to level up.

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  • Kirina Says:

    @ Kamalia – yes, I do still have Merlaina, though, I need to level her up more seriously now because of a faction change. I did create a BE warrior named Merlaina on Whisperwind…I haven’t done anything with her yet, but “the lore in my head” implies that she is the DK Merlaina who finally found her twin after their separation, and who also broke free of the Lich Kings control. ^_^ I’m a dork 😛

    @ Christa: It definitely still is a tough decision for me, which is why I have been dragging my feet on the issue ^_^ . I imagine, however, that the site’s “spirit” will not change even with a NE character. She’s still the same Kirina inside…only with access to Alliance-only goodies ^_^.

    @ Bimini: Glad you found us! I can’t wait to delve into the new Cata items, either. I’ve already gone back and done a few new lowbie quests that give unique items. Those updates should be posted in their respective articles soon (after Christmas). Your suggestion about the Orb of Sin’Dorei is great! I never had much use for it until now…:D

  • Bimini Says:

    I just found this blog, and I must say, you’ve done a wonderful job with creating outfits to wear in WoW! I am looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with the new stuff we have in Cataclysm.

    I am a total Hordie, but faction changing isn’t that bad of a thing to do. The game should be seen from both sides!… I just haven’t gotten around to really playing Alliance yet because I don’t have many friends who do. Oh well.
    You should farm up the Orb of the Sin’Dorei from Magister’s Terrace, so that you can turn your nelf into a belf now and then. 🙂

  • Christabelle Says:

    I coul never change my main, I’d have to start all over. My main is a Nelf druid, and I could never make her a tauren or troll. more power to ya! But I can’t wait to see what you come up with for a nelf, I hardly RP mine. I dress my Draenei up alot just for fun, and my noble mage is always looking for more splendid robes! Looking forward to your Alliance segments now!

  • Kamalia Says:

    Good luck with your exams, Kirina!

    Wanting to play WoW with your SO is definitely a Trump Card 😉 It’s the main thing keeping all my Tauren characters on a PVP server, when I’m much happier doing solo questing on a PvE server. Kirina won’t be quite the same as a Night Elf, but she’ll still be beautiful. And of course you will still have a gorgeous BE to run around with in Merlaina.

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