And the Winners Are…


Finally! I guess I kept all of you that participated in the Hallow’s End Costume Contest in suspense long enough. The winners for the 2nd annual contest are:

  • Grand Prize – Jordan’s “Ghostbusters” costume
  • 2nd Place – Mel’s “Red Pirate” costume
  • 1st runner up – Iris’ “Catwoman” costume
  • 2nd runner up – Kamalia’s “Star Trek” costume

Just like last year, Waddell and I had a tough time deciding the final winners…and you all made it even harder this year with almost twice the amount of entries as last year!

Some other costumes that stood out to us were a fierce looking Green Dragon costume, a “spooki” grim reaper, both Aladdin costumes, Whitemane, and 2 witchy and devilish Blood Elves. ^_^ There was a beautiful Draenie shaman who has an amazing collection of gear, as do the others that submitted “elite” costumes.

See all the costumes here!

**Important** Winners: I e-mailed out a message (to the e-mail address you submitted with your costume) to you stating that you’ve won, which also contains the codes to your prize(s). If you can’t find it (check your spam too ^_^), please comment to this post, and I will resend the information. Thanks! ~ Kirina

7 Responses to “And the Winners Are…”

  • Brian Says:

    I’ll post the ones I’m curious about in the forums.

  • Kirina Says:

    @ Brian: ^_^ Only if they wish to post up a little something on the forums.

    But, if there are a couple of costumes that you’re wondering about, I could look into it for you.

  • Brian Says:

    These costumes are great. Any chance we can know what items were used in the costumes?

  • Kamalia Says:

    Thanks, Hanuma! XD It’s actually a composite of about five separate screenshots — the Captain troll in the chair, the saluting Red Shirt orc, the pointing Science Officer elf, a blank (first person) shot of the interior of the barbershop, and a picture of the sky inside the Caverns of Time. It was fun to put together!

  • Hanuma Says:

    Oh – my – god! Kamalia! That Star Trek screenshot is AMAZING! I <3 it!

    The Ghostbusters outfit is awesome! And so many great entries! A pleasure to watch all the screens! So creative!

    Another great Hallow's End competition Kirina!

  • Kamalia Says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Such awesome creativity displayed here. I’d be very interested to see the rest of Mel’s “Elements” collection.

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