I Hope Everyone Had a Happy Hallow’s End!


…And are enjoying the Day of the Dead events happening in-game for a couple of days. ^_^

Also, the Hallow’s End Costume Contest is now over. Thank you all that participated! There are a lot of costumes (over 50!) to judge. Y’all made it harder this year for me and Waddell…so many great and unique costumes! But, I’m happy to see a larger turn-out this time. ^_^ The winner results should be posted within a couple of days.

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  • Kirina Says:

    @Amneth: Thanks! I hope to post more and more, too! ^_^

    @James: We have chosen our winners. There are a lot of entries, so, when I’m not in class, I’m working on getting all the pictures up on a page with titles. The page, and the winners, should be up by tonight. ^_^

  • James Says:

    Gah so excited. I think I have checked your page maybe 8-10 times to see the contest winners. Any updates!?

  • Amneth Says:

    Hi! I don’t know where to write you a general comment, but, seeing that this is the last post, I want to say you GREAT JOB! Love this web and love your ideas! I hope you will post more and more!

    P.D. Sorry, my english is poor, I’m spanish gamer.

    Greetings and Good Luck!

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