Belle, from “Beauty and the Beast”

This is a simple, yet fun outfit to wear if you have a female character (preferably a Human or a Blood Elf). It closely resembles the blue jumper outfit worn by Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” (do I have to put a Disney copy right somewhere in that title?…idk).

Anyway, here’s the outfit

    With “the Beast”, LoL

I choose a book off-hand to portray Belle’s love of reading. I got Milli’s Lexicon as a quest reward, but, any other book-like off-hand will fit the part.

For those who haven’t figured it out, if you equip the Blue Overalls with a skirt-like leg armor, you get this weird, half-blue jean + half-other fabric, long jumper effect. So, with the Simple Kilt, it makes an almost-fail attempt at looking like a full blue sundress.

I really wish I had Caregiver Inaara’s skirt (her top is pretty cool as well ^.^). It looks like a white apron over a blue (or black) skirt. This NPC’s outfit was actually what inspired me to make a Belle outfit, but, of course, I could never find that style of leggings…even in mail armor (if it’s out there…let me know, LoL!) Sometimes, you see Belle in her apron, and sometimes she’s not. However, the apron is what would make this outfit stand out more as a reference, rather than just a Simple Kilt outfit.

When I tell people that I have a “Belle outfit, you know, from ‘Beauty and the Beast’?”, they think I’m talking about her gold ball gown…which would be AWESOME to have in game ^_^. Then I bust out with this Simple Kilt mess, and they’re like “Oh, that’s….cool…/face palm.” And yes, it is pretty corny, and sort of a stretch, but, it’s the idea of being able to make pretty much any outfit you’d like to have for your character with what’s available in-game.

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