Cross-Faction Starter Outfits

For those players who have access to a cross-faction auction house, you may want to combine different Alliance and Horde starter gear into awesome, and unique outfits. Here are a few that I came up with, but there are dozens of combinations to try out .

This outfit would be perfect for a “lead into” fall ensemble. Change out Golden Filigreed Shirt for the Bold Yellow Shirt for a nice and cool summer outfit.

I really love mixing blue and black colored armor, especially on Merlaina; the colors really match the icy and dark nature of Death Knights.

Seeing how level 1 for Death Knights is actually 55, this outfit will make a great “off duty” ensemble for higher level DKs to enjoy, and it won’t take up any of your main’s bag space.

I’m glad to see the new Apprentice’s Robe in-game. Because it is not BOE, I immediately deleted the (somewhat) identical Sorcerer Robe. The only difference between these two robes is that the Sorcerer Robe has shorter sleeves, but, Kirina needed the extra bag space.

I rather like the White Tuxedo Shirt under this robe. Very bank alt, in my opinion…

I find this a very attractive outfit for female troll characters. The intricate and vibrant Draenei gear is off set by matching, yet more rugged, armor commonly found on Horde characters.

This earthy outfit will look great on any heavy armor wearer. The Rusted Pitchfork is a zone drop from the Scarlet Enclave. Even though it drops from a level 55 zone, the pitchfork has no level requirement; however, level 1 players might will have to purchase it from the auction house.

There are so many level one outfits that you can create just by mixing the starter gear from all the different races/classes, low level vendor bought and looted armor, and even crafted armor. It will make your head spin when you start delving into it! That’s why I had to stop at only 5, lol.

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