Kirina’s Crafts

Outside of the World of Warcraft, I love to do needlework (among other crafts). I mostly knit now, but, I started out with cross-stitching and sewing with plastic canvas. This section is to showcase my real life “works of art” that have been WoW inspired.

While the plastic canvas section is just pictures of what I made, the knitting section includes free patterns of what I made for you to try.

If you have some World of WarCRAFTS of your own, share them with us on the Kirina’s Closet Forum.

I hope you enjoy!

Craft Sections

  • Plastic Canvas Items
    Just some World of Warcraft coasters right now, but, hopefully more items will be made later.

  • Kirina’s Knits
    Some favorite in-game RP items brought to the real world through the magic of knitting!

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