Dec 15 2009

Winter Outfits!


No…not “Winter Veil” outfits…but, hopefully these are just as warm and fun!


I’m aware that the Winter Veil holiday event started in-game today, and, my good intentions were to have an article already post for it. However, real-life is being a bitch this time of year, and I haven’t had the time to dedicate to sit down and write (the outfits for Winter Veil have been planned out since July, though. LoL). Sorry that this general winter outfit article is late, too – even though the first day of winter for the northern hemisphere doesn’t start until Dec. 21. Hopefully, I’ll have the holiday article up by the end of the week, but do know that it’s coming ^_^

Aug 23 2009

Kirina’s Closet is Back in Class…


/Sigh. So, college is back in session for me. Along with all my classes, and my other “real-life” scenarios, I will not have the time I would like to have to dedicate to Kirina’s Closet as much as I would like to. Because of this, I need the help of talented (or willing ^_^) guest-writers to help keep fresh content up on the site. I also feel that this is a great way to give a good mix of ideas, writing styles, and characters (Horde AND Alliance)

Anyone can contribute! Find out more on the Kirina’s Closet forums about what articles need to be written, what’s there to post over, and maybe have your self-submitted specialty outfit picked for a monthly showcase! There’s even a spot to add a mini-bio over the character(s) featured in your outfit pictures! ^_^

Nerd outfit article…

Aug 13 2009

Dating Outfits


Look your best for that special date!


Jul 30 2009

New Specialty Outfits


I’m not being sneaky this time by not telling you: I added a couple of articles under the special outfits page. ^_^

Jul 22 2009

Ninja-added specialty outfits


For those who haven’t stumbled across the “specialty outfits” already, I added some short articles over Kirina’s random outfits. Basically, they are fast and easy to write ^_^, but I promise in the near future I will have some actual “meat” to this site, LoL. WTB more time off from work!

Waddell and I are also working toward getting pages set up where visiting users could upload pictures of their outfits under a certain category. He spoiled the surprise of a Halloween costume contest in response to a question over this matter on the WoW forum, but I still love him ^_^. Even still, I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to see other players outfits in a separate gallery for any event or everyday wear, and not just for Hallow’s End. So, please stay tuned for all of that!