Happy Noblegarden!


The Noblegarden event ends on April 11th. Hopefully, that gives you plenty of time to enjoy the festivities in an outfit inspired, hopefully, by Kirina’s.


On a more personal note: I have been sick the past week with a wicked stomach virus -the result of which has been no energy and…unpleasant…bathroom experiences. (Yea! we totally needed to know that, Kirina!…) ^_^ In any case, I’m doing much better now, and will hopefully get the Spring article out soon, but I have a lot of class work to catch up on for the classes I missed during my illness, so, we’ll see.

4 Responses to “Happy Noblegarden!”

  • Kirina Says:

    @Wittle: Kirina’s bank is full, as is most of her bags. What I’ve been doing lately is only equipping BOEs that I absolutely would want to wear on her. Luckily for me, she can only wear cloth and leather ^_^

    My DK Merlaina wears/holds mail and plate armor, and other cloth/leather armor I didn’t want on Kirina.

    I have 2 other alts, one for shirts and starting outfits, and the other for anything else non-BOE. Their banks are getting pretty full too. The mail, too, holds non BOEs in between my articles, but, that’s risky. If you don’t keep resending whatever is in the mail, it will eventually disappear. I’ve lost some things that way ;(

    Hope this helps! I hope Blizzard adds a couple of bank/character slots for me to hold more stuff. I feel your pain and then some! ^_^ Glad you found us!

  • Wittle Says:

    I’m new to this site, and I really like it. My banks are filling up with the cool dresses and stuff from Noblegarden and stuff – I wish we’d get more space for them.. How do you store all your cool RP outfits? 🙂

  • Kirina Says:

    You are welcomed to translate any of my articles, and even the great insight on the forum, just as long as you link to our work ;D I am flattered that you would want to do so. ^_^

  • Amekhal Says:


    I’ve been checking your website here and there and I was thinking “Hey, this is really good stuff for roleplayers”.

    I’d like to share it but… Unfortunately I’m the only English-speaking personn around there.

    So, would you mind if I translated some of your articles (7 max, tell me if it’s too much) in French, post them on a RPG community and -of course- link them to your site ?

    I’d understand if you were to say no but please, consider.

    Thank you for your time 🙂

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